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Alex M. Hendler
Alex M. Hendler

Alex M. Hendler is the founder of ontolawgy™ LLC, which offers a hosted software system designed to improve the efficiency of navigating and understanding complex legal regimes.

Alex is an attorney{{#set_internal:Licensure data of|Licensed as=Attorney|Licensed in=Maryland}} licensed to practice in Maryland and the District of Columbia{{#set_internal:Licensure data of|Licensed as=Attorney|Licensed in=District of Columbia}}. Alex has advised large and small businesses and State and federal officials on complying with, implementing, or enforcing complex statutory and regulatory systems, particularly relating to health care regulation and reimbursement.

He has an A.B. from Duke University{{#set_internal:Education data of|Degree=A.B.|Graduated from=Duke University|Graduated in year=1999}} and a J.D. from Washington University in St. Louis,{{#set_internal:Education data of|Degree=J.D.|Graduated from=Washington University in St. Louis|Graduated in year=2003}} where he was a Webster Society Scholar, an Associate Editor of the Washington University Global Studies Law Review, and a mentor and tutor in after-school programs for disadvantaged elementary school students in St. Louis.

During law school, Alex served as an intern{{#set_internal:Employment data of|Worked as=intern|Worked at=Office of the Maryland Attorney General}} with the Office of the Maryland Attorney General and the Office of Science and Technology Policy{{#set_internal:Employment data of|Worked as=intern|Worked at=Office of Science and Technology Policy|Worked at=Executive Office of the President}} within the Executive Office of the President.