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To the maximum extent permitted by law, ontolawgy™ LLC will take the utmost care to ensure the confidentiality of any communications you initiate. However, ontolawgy™ LLC cannot guarantee the security of that information in transit. Therefore, for any matters that may include protected health information or other sensitive data, please use a reasonably secure medium for communication such as encrypted email or S/MIME or GPG-encrypted messages sent via ordinary email.

For more information about ontolawgy™ LLC’s services, please contact ontolawgy™ LLC by telephone at <ref>As of 2011-02-07, the Google Voice contact form appears to be non-functional; sorry for any inconvenience. To protect against unsolicited commercial phone calls, you must have javascript enabled to view this phone number. For users without javascript, you can contact ontolawgy™ through Facebook, Google+, or Twitter</ref>, by Skype™ (using the button below), or by email to <ref>You must have javascript enabled to view the above email address. For users without javascript, please use the social media links shown above.</ref>. Public keys or other directions for sending encrypted messages are available upon request to this address.

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