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ontolawgy™ LLC offers the ontolawgy™ platform, a hosted software system that helps users to organize and analyze the law and related materials.

In a nutshell, the ontolawgy™ platform stores information in a database using the same analytical and organizational techniques that a lawyer must use to properly understand a law or legal requirement. The result is that a lawyer can focus on what the law means, rather than trying to find the law. This is particularly helpful with complex regulatory systems in specialized areas such as Medicare reimbursement.

The platform also includes collaborative knowledge management capabilities, document management capabilities, and a fast and robust search engine, all of which can be customized to best serve your needs.


For businesses and other organizations

The ontolawgy™ platform allows businesses or in-house counsel operating on short deadlines to quickly and accurately understand the law while focusing on their core mission. For larger organizations, the ontolawgy™ platform’s knowledge management and document management capabilities can also improve communication and facilitate the allocation of human resources to identify and solve complex legal problems.

For outside counsel

Hourly billing

The increased efficiency afforded by the ontolawgy™ platform allows attorneys billing by the hour to deliver better value to clients by billing for a higher proportion of time spent analyzing and addressing an issue. This reduces the proportion of time billed for merely locating the applicable law. This proportional shift can translate into fewer write-offs and higher realization rates.

Flat fee or contingency

Using the ontolawgy™ platform, attorneys operating on a flat fee or contingency basis can more efficiently complete their work, freeing up the opportunity to take on additional matters.

Personal Service

Every organization has unique needs. To ensure that clients get the most out of the ontolawgy™ platform, ontolawgy™ LLC customizes the semantic framework and content of each ontolawgy™ system for each client to ensure that it includes an appropriate taxonomy and ontology as well as the knowledge management, document management, and search capabilities that enable a client to efficiently tackle its most pressing legal issues. ontolawgy™ LLC also offers some standard ontology and taxonomy packages, which can still be extremely helpful to an organization without extensive customization.

For more information, including complimentary access to a private demonstration site, please contact ontolawgy™ LLC at your convenience.

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