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About this site

You may notice the term CMS (or "cms") used throughout this site.

As used on this site, Acronym::CMS stands for "content management system", that is, a system for efficiently managing website content. Not to be confused with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

This site is ready for the semantic web:   RDF Resource Description Framework Powered Icon

To browse RDF data, click the "Browse properties" link that appears near the bottom left side of each page.

About ontolawgy™ LLC

Alex M. Hendler founded ontolawgy™ LLC in 2008. ontolawgy™ LLC offers the ontolawgy™ platform. It is based on a semantic legal research system that Alex began to develop in his spare time to improve the accuracy and efficiency of his legal and regulatory research as an attorney in government and private practice.

Please click here for more information about the ontolawgy™ platform and other services, or click here to contact ontolawgy™ LLC for more information about ontolawgy™ LLC’s services.

Please click here for more information about ontolawgy™ LLC’s founder, Alex M. Hendler.